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Sun, Apr. 26th, 2009, 06:23 am
So, I am sitting in my office...

It's 6:23am Sunday morning. I have been here since 10 am Saturday, which was Anzac day. Prior to that, I worked from Wednesday morning,through to Friday night (slept in the office, about 3 hours each night, went home for showers during the day). Prior to that I worked every day for the previous two weeks, many of them 18 hour days. This period included every day of the Easter break (although only like 5-6 hours.)

The job I'm working on doesn't pay enough to warrant this - but it's a pretty cool project, and in this line of work when there is a deadline, there is no such thing as not delivering.

The problem with having high standards, but not yet the very large clients, especially in the current economic climate, is that when someone asks you and your team to do the impossible, you not only set out to do it, but also to one up it.

Also - my girlfriend now understands that I am in fact an insane workaholic at heart, especially when it comes to the cooler film/video type projects, especially the 'Impossible' ones (in terms of time frames, resources, ability of client to deliver scripts BEFORE you've had to budget everything and more or less shoot the thing.). I was hoping this discovery could be put off a little longer.

Thing is, this isn't a winge. I am pretty happy doing this, but I do hope that I manage to swing the times like this into financial reward as well later down the line, because I do recognise it is completely nuts, even if I WAS getting paid well, or even doing something important, you know, like being a doctor or a scientist or something. Helping putting pictures up on really big screens is fun and all, but it's not really morally imperative (at least not when you're shilling for corporates, like I am on this job.)

Tue, Dec. 23rd, 2008, 10:29 am
Thundercats are Photoshopped!

This is impressive, a fan trailer cut out of tonnes of different movies, using photoshop to frame by frame turn familiar faces into Thundercats.

Doesn't hold up to close scrutiny at all, but it's an impressive workload and uses the huge amount of varied source material to quite good effect.

Tue, Dec. 9th, 2008, 05:19 pm
I am tired

Sleep is something that I get far too little of - as an example....

I finished the Friday of the week before last leaving work at Midnight, this was followed by being back at work at 6.30am on Saturday to leave for a short film shoot, which went out to a 16 hour day on the Saturday. This was followed by a 19 hour day on the same short film shoot on the Sunday, finishing up around 3.30am by the time I got home. After this I had to be back at work at 9am for what was a reasonably intense days work that had to be done.

The rest of the week followed on with my fairly usual 9-10 hour days (with the exception of Wednesday, which I took 6 hours off to catch up on cleaning and washing) and ended with working until 9.30pm on on Friday (an 11 hour day) and coming back and doing 2 hours work on Saturday to help finish off a music video.

This was followed by the 24 hour movie marathon, and then Monday which, while I didn't get to work until 10.45am, I didn't leave until 12.20am on Tuesday due to a combination of technical glitches, two convergent deadlines, and something that HAD to be up online for a meeting in New York at 10am their time (4am the day before our time.)

Today, I got in at 11.30am or so - it's 5.30pm, I think I will be gone very shortly today at least...

To paraphase Radiohead - I do it to myself, I do.

Fri, Oct. 24th, 2008, 10:32 am
Justice is restored... I guess?

So just got word that the woman who hit me with her car has had her licence revoked for 6 months, and that I'll be getting $750.00 for my trouble (in weekly increments of $100 for 7.5 weeks).

I didn't write a victim impact statement or anything, and the officer in charge of the case didn't know that due to the accident I was now a cyborg* - so my take on the justice side of things is that the $750 amount is really very arbitrary. In terms of my costs - well pretty much all my costs were covered by ACC and my folks, and in the scheme of things I took 4.5 days off work and then life was annoying, but manageable for a while. I also have a pretty large scar from the surgery. $750 might be too much in terms of the costs I had to get back to it (it being life/work etc) or grossly too little if I took everything I could have possibly been prevented from doing and assigned some value to it.

I did have the option of filling in a victim impact statement - which may have meant more or less restorative stuff I guess - depending if I pulled a European Soccer'esque hollywood and claimed all sorts of bad stuff to try and garner more cash - or maybe less told them the truth, that in the scheme of things I'm a live and let live kinda guy and while I think the woman was clearly a bad driver, who had a bad handle on things in the conditions - I hold no animosity towards but think badly needs some re-teaching (assuming this isn't one in a string of incidents of course!).

So yeah - I guess if you don't say anything you get what you get - which is actually how I wanted it. I'm lucky though - there was a witness and it could have easily been just my word against her in which case I would probably have got no moolah and she might not have been taken off the road to think about her driving.

I can't help but think though that it's coming up to Christmas, and as the accident didn't cost me much maybe I should do something to find out how much that $750.00 I'm owed is going to negatively effect the driver - I mean, she could be a single mother with kids and things for all I know and then they'd effectively be punished as well (obviously the lack of a parent driver would be a negative impact too - but compared to other people's safety I can see her being off the road is probably for the greater good - assuming she becomes a better driver for it - which is a big assumption.)

So yeah - Justice is a tough one - the courts can't possibly get complete information, and the individuals involved are kinda left in the dark if they aren't proactive about it (which, for 'victims' is a hassle on top of existing hassles based on a thing that they'd rather not have happened at all, and I'm pretty sure that in this case the 'offender' is a similar boat).

The one good thing is the comparative speed of resolution to systems which don't have an ACC like no fault system. A workmate from Ireland is still waiting for a court date from an accident that happened YEARS ago where she broke her arm, to cover bills and stuff. She gets letters from lawyers like every 6 months or something with a progress update and that's about it. At least with ACC I didn't have to worry about hospital and surgical bills, which would have been enormous compared to what I earn - so ACC for me continues to be a good thing..

So yeah - resolution yes. Justice I have no idea. The money is going to probably cover third party insurance for my car at the end of the day - so if I have an accident (rather than something negligent) I can at least rest assured that the risk and damage has well and truly been shared around in an attempt to minimize individual impact - which is kinda the whole point of insurance and communities in a way.

Sat, Oct. 11th, 2008, 08:45 pm
Out of my way pedestrians, I am a motorist!

No, the title doesn't mean I have been hit by a car again. In fact, this time round if anyone will be doing the hitting, it'll be ME! Errr, wait no - that's not quite the right attitude for this fledgling driver.

You see, I have brought a car. I also only have my learners - as a mixture of apathy, one failed restricted test in my teens, medical conditions (occassional unexplained seizures means no driving for a couple of years if you aren't medicated, and I didn't much like the meds.) and an assorted array of convenient excuses have meant I have never really pursued getting behind the wheel since I was about 17 (when I did learn - in a manual and everything. In fact due to illness of my father on one trip I had to drive him back from Taupo, so driving is something I can in fact do - it's just been a while, and the law requires I have a baby sitter while doing so.)

My car, was a friends car, but she decided to move to Christchurch, and after the exchange of a princely sum (or not that much, or about right for the car, or something) I am now the proud owner of a dark blue 1993 Mazda Astina.

So, after remembering where the accelorometer and decelamatrix where, and finding that it being an auto made it all much more like playing a computer game than ACTUALLY driving in my estimation (compared to a manual) - the lesson with my father went well.

Wasn't much of a lesson in the sense of teaching, as he simply drove me across to the shore, from where I found a place to buy the mighty 'L' plates (L is short for L337 don't you know. ;) ) I took over the driving portion in a suitably quiet spot, then drove around into a less quiet spot to get petrol, then drove around some more. Culminating with my going back to the parents, doing some talking/having some foodage, then backing out of their lengthy driveway (with some assistance from my dad outside pointing and waving) and then driving across the bridge at night to get back to Ponsonby to find some bugger had stolen the spot outside my front door in which I would have preferred to park...

So really indeed I am a motorist, if a fledgling one, with my own set of wheels and all. Will still walk to work, because it's bugger all distance, and won't be able to drive much until the legalities of more additional licencing has been sorted out - but it's nice to be in the pool.

Is the sudden change a reaction to having been hit by a car? Probably, but I had been thinking about it before hand, and decided after getting hit that sorting out the driving thing would be on a list of priorities once my arm got better (which it is doing, thanks to physio and good surgeons.), and when I saw my friends car was for sale and she needed a quick sale due to the move it all seemed like the time.

So wish me luck... Or fear for your lives... Whatever comes naturally. ;)

Tue, Aug. 19th, 2008, 07:28 pm
The Incredible Bionic Man - in X-RAY VISION!

Ok - so I went to the doctors today and got my first post car accident x-rays.

Here they are in relatively small web friendly sizes:

So yeah - not quite more machine than man (and so far the machine means I CAN'T lift heavy things, less the screws come undone and it all flies apart) - but I'm sure once the bone has healed properly they can strengthen it and add some actuators or something. ;)

Sat, Jul. 19th, 2008, 02:11 pm
Typing left handed...

No, that title doesn't mean what you think...

I got hit by a car while crossing at a Pedestrian crossing on Great North Road on Wednesday night. Lady apparently turned into Great North Road neglecting to see th Red Traffic light up ahead, and clipped me in the centre lane next to the car that HAD stopped for the lightd.

I now have a fractured humerus, and that is being held together by freshly installed platinum plate - Long live the new Flesh!

So yeah, at my parents for a couple of days (was discharged from the hospital yesterday) but don't see this slowing me down too much. The injury means no cast, just a sling for about 12 weeks, usual risks of infection etc, and probably greatly reduced mobility/increased stiffness in right shoulder for many months. Casualties will likely be my weekly social soccer game, miniature painting, and typing speed. Otherwise I don't predict too much of a negative impact from the whole event. (at least not for me - I imagine the careless driver from Pukekohe who hit me is going to have comparatively much more restricted mobility in the seemingly likely event that they take her license away for a while)

All in all getting hit by cars is no fun, but I do feel pretty fortunate that my injury is pretty mild (considering there was a fresh amputee in the bed next to me in Auckland Hospital who seemed to be taking things pretty well, I feel very fortunate!)

Fri, Jul. 4th, 2008, 10:27 pm
A Party Ahead.

So, my birthday is coming up - so those few who might see this are invited to join myself at 11 Leighton Street, Grey Lynn, on Saturday the 12th of July for One Score and Six - an official Craig's Birthday function.

One Score and Six will start at about 7pm, and continue until lateish, where my nearish proximity to town/Ponsonby might mean festivities move city bound, or end up in a drunken puddle on my flat floor.

Mon, Jan. 21st, 2008, 11:38 pm
Toy Soldiers

As a hobby, I paint and play with toy miniatures. Well I used to, but both had fallen off recently due to other commitments/laziness whatever. This leaves me unsurprisingly with many many miniatures I have brought, but not painted - a common problem amongst gamers.

Anyway I recently issued a challenge to megalumpy that each week we would both have to post some sort of progress on the painting miniatures front, or make a phone call (not text or email, honest to god voice communication) to explain the tardiness and general uselessness of not having made ANY progress.

It's a combination challenge/way to keep up with my mate in wellington/way to get the army I have sitting around painted.

Here are the first few pics. THEY ARE TINY, as I was saving them with my camera phone, and I didn't realise it was on the phones small settings, so no, these aren't the thumbnails, it's all i've got. For now.

Current project is painting up Tomb King Chariots - current progress is the chariot portions themselves have been basecoated. More progress next week.

Wed, Jan. 16th, 2008, 02:56 pm
New Music Video - My Kingdom Falls, Slipping Tongue

A new music video for the band Slipping Tongue, produced by myself, directed by the amazing _poe_, art direction by _tinuviel_, costume work by Sara and Chantelle, and also some awesome lighting assist/dolly grip work by jsr. Makeup team led by Sam, whose always awesome. Kindly help in packing up provided by a_thaliana and cavaliermalfet. Our awesome DOP was one Marc Mateo, who also did the fantastic work on Big Bad Wolves
Sufficive to say it was a group effort, and a huge thank you to all that helped.

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